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Great Gift Ideas
The E-Gift Card E-Gift Cards
It's the Holy Grail of gifts, a gift card that allows the man you love to shop from our huge selection of luxury brand shoes and accessories on his own time. It's the perfect gift when there's no time to shop, or if there's time to shop but he's hard to shop for. Why take a chance on getting the wrong gift? Let him pick out the perfect item for his wardrobe.

Get him the E-Gift Card and send him a special message with it, he'll have it in his email before the day is over.
Handmade Italian Ties
Handmade Italian Neck Ties
Ties can be a cliche gift, but not our ties. We stock only exquisite handmade Italian neckwear made from the finest silks and made by the finest manufacturers. Find a tie that will have him standing out in a crowd, let him wear the best, and look his best.

Shop from our selection of ties from highly sought after brands such as Vitaliano Pancaldi and Daniel Dolce.
Locman Watches
Men's Italian Watches - Locman
The Locman watch collection is absolutely striking. With a wide range of watches that are perfect for sport or dress, Italian watchmaking mastery is captured in the Locman men's collection.

The gift of a quality watch is a special one, because it's something that will last a lifetime. So make this occasion an extra special one for him with a watch from Locman.
Luxury Shoe, Clothing and Hair Products
Men's Handmade Shoe Trees
When a man invests in fine shoes and fine clothes, he wants them to last and look their best. Our luxury shoe, clothing and hair accessories are a great gift for the man who takes care of his assets and himself.

Shop our luxury shoe care products including our handmade maple shoe trees, shoe polishing brushes, and shoe horns.

Also take a look at our fine handmade clothes brushes and men's hair brushes.
Leather Goods - Wallets, Bags, Belts, and More
Men's Leather Goods
Fine leather goods will last him many many years. Shop for our wide selection of leather goods including : leather and exotic wallets, money clips, card cases, briefcases, messenger bags, and belts.

Buy him the perfect leather accessory or bag, he'll appreciate it.