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Enjoy our huge selection of mens belts including our selection of mens designer handmade belts and mens exotic belts. You are sure to find the perfect belt to match your favorite pair of shoes.

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Is it going too far to say a man's belt makes the man? Probably. Yes it definitely is. But it certainly is not exaggerating to say that a man's belt makes his look, or better yet completes his look. Is just doesn't look right to wear a beautiful pair of luxury exotic shoes, and match it up with a cheap faux calfskin belt. If you're wearing exotic shoes, you need an exotic belt to finish out the look and make it pop.

When it comes to selecting the right mens belt there are some important factors in play. The first is the material. The cohesiveness of the look achieved when a shoe and belt material match cannot be overstated. It's like synchronized diving done right. I know you know what I mean. Is it a requirement to wear an exotic belt with an exotic pair of shoes? Not quite. Is it ideal? Of course. If you're not committed to wearing a shoe and belt that match as far as material then the secondary factor involved in selecting the right belt, the color, is crucial. You want to choose a color that either matches your shoes exactly, or is a slight shade off in a complimentary direction. It's like the furniture in your living room. The pieces don't have to all look like they came from the same family, but you do want them to look like they came from the same planet.

So take your time when looking for the right mens designer belt. Choose wisely, and finish out your look the right way. It's worth a few extra bucks to get the right belt to excentuate your shoe selection, rather than stifle the look. Why spend your hard earned money on a pair of Zelli shoes only to complete your look with a cheap belt from mall. As our dad's always said, do things right the first time, and you won't have to correct them later.