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Donald J Pliner Mens Shoes

Built on innovation and fine craftsmanship, the Donald J Pliner shoe brand has become one of the most well known imported footwear brands in the USA. With a collection that offers classic casual, dress, and boot styles, Donald Pliner also takes chances and pushes the limits each season with unique and compelling styles and materials you won't find anywhere else. 

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donald pliner shoes_logo

About the Donald Pliner Shoes Brand

With a reputation built upon superb craftsmanship and cutting edge designs, the Donald J Pliner brand combines great fashion sense, well fitting styles, and comfort, which is reflected across their entire collection. Unique to the Donald Pliner mens shoe collection, is the wide array of styles that span the spectrum of classic stylings, to bold and fresh designs. With a firm presence in finer men stores nationwide, including high end department stores, Donald Pliner shoes are the footwear of choice for those who discerning men looking for quality and style at a higher level.



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