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The Bruno Magli story started in 1930 in a small basement factory, and since then the Bruno Magli family has grown this classic Italian brand to be a leader in the mens and womens deisgner shoe markets. Shop our wide selection of Bruno Magli men's shoes.

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Bruno Magli Shoes Logo_logo

About the Bruno Magli Shoes Brand

It was the 1930's and although "made in Italy" meant much to Italians, it did not mean so much to the rest of the world at the time. In a basement in Bologna Italy a grandfather began to teach his three grandsons how to make mens dress shoes. By 1936 these three brothers had taken their new trade and made a business out of it, The Magli Shoe Factory, they called it.

Soon enough Bruno Magli (the full name of one of the brothers), became a major player in the Italian shoe manufacturing industry. Until the present Bruno Magli shoes are known worldwide as a leader in the luxury footwear market, in both the men's and women's categories. Their shoes are marked by refined and elegant styles, the use of very fine leathers, and of course the handcrafted quality that keeps their customers loyal and enthusiastic about each season's new arrivals.

There's something special about a product made in a family owned business, made by the hand of a dedicated craftsman, that reflects a legacy of a nation. Mens Italian shoes are worn with pride, and grace, because of companies like Bruno Magli who bring them into being.

When looking for a fine pair handmade footwear among the elite Italian shoe brands on the market today try your Moreschi shoes, and your Santoni shoes, and your Gucci and Prada, but don't leave out Bruno Magli. They are right in the mix as one of the Italy's homegrown treasures.