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Truly handmade masterpieces created using the finest Italian materials, with English styling influences, from the mind of a Turkish master shoemaker who comes from a long line of shoe making experts. The beautiful lines, artistic and exquisite hand stitch details, and hand antiqued finishes, separate Paul Parkman shoes from almost all imported brands currently available in the USA. 

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Paul Parkman Shoes_logo

About the Paul Parkman Shoes Brand

Paul Parkman was a master English shoemaker born in 1883 in London. He resided in Turkey during the period of 1937 - 1952 where he tutored his own master craftsman on the English style of handmade shoemaking focusing on solid quality constructions that are built to stand the test of time using only the finest materials the world has to offer. This shoemaking legacy lives on today in the family owned business that is now Paul Parkman™, which boasts generations of fine shoe making. The collection can be described as 'English style shoes made from Italy's finest materials'. One glance at the collection, with it's signature hand antiqued finishes, and beautiful fine stitch detailing, and one recognizes the quality and precision that separates Paul Parkman shoes from most of the men's designer brands.