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Made in the USA. It's not something you see very often on designer footwear, but Neil Munro, and his Arkansas based brand have created something very unique and very high value with the Neil M shoes collection. With a wide array of styles that cover every man's needs, the design and production processes place a high premium on style, comfort, and fit. Neil M shoes are already one of the most well known USA footwear brands, and one of the highest value shoe brands on the market today.

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About the Neil M Shoes Brand

The Neil M Story - Told by Neil Munro
It never occurred to me when I wrote to my father asking for a job at his shoe company that his response would be---no. After all Munro and Company was one of the largest shoe manufacturers in the U.S. and all I had asked for was a temporary job while I sorted things out after graduating college in 1979. It seemed like a reasonable request, but apparently the "lack of any openings" at this time was more realistic than reasonable in his eyes. Disappointed, but not undeterred, I later secured an entry-level, hourly position at one of the company's sister facilities by inadvertently omitting my father's earlier rejection in my formal application. Twenty-five years later (with my father's letter of rejection collecting dust in a closet at home), I still find myself espousing the virtues of perseverance over the "in your face" realities of today?s fiercely competitive footwear industry.

The men's footwear business of today is dominated by a tradition of venerable, domestic brands, as well as many European comfort brands. With all these choices, one would assume that a man could count on one of these brands to fully compliment the numerous aspects of his life - not just sell the promise of it. Unfortunately, the reality of today's business environment has exposed the fallacy of this assumption. Neil M Footwear was created because we believe men today demand and expect footwear that exceeds the industry standards of these brands.

If experience and unwavering dedication are the cornerstones of quality - and we believe they are - Neil M Footwear has over forty year's worth. Style, comfort, and fit are inseparable designs elements. At Neil M, to champion one with the others would be misleading and unthinkable. Our footwear technology is proprietary and has been proven in several other national brands owned by my family. We design all of our lasts, outsoles, foot bed systems, and equipment from scratch. We do not use generic "industry standard" design parameters because people - and in particular their feet - outlive these standards. People evolve. There is nothing static about the status quo. Our world is changing at a blistering pace, and at Neil M we embrace this new order.

Neil Munro is not the figment of an advertising agency's imagination. I am a real person, and I do not want to be told by corporate America what I do and do not like, and what is or is not right for me. If you, the consumer, share this sentiment, then it is my belief that you will find the design philosophy and resolve reflected in our products to that something a little extra that we all deserve.

Sincerely, Neil Munro

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