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Magnanni Shoes Dorio Velvet Loafer

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Magnanni Shoes Dorio Velvet Loafer Image
Magnanni Shoes Dorio Velvet Loafer
Formal velvet slip on loafer. This loafer runs 1/2 size big, so please order accordingly.
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About Magnanni

Magnanni Mens Shoes
Magnanni Shoes
MAGNANNI crafts footwear for the man who understands that the way he dresses is an expression of his personal style and taste. He is a man who is open to new experiences, curious, cultured and dynamic.

For three generations MAGNANNI has been a family-owned company. For more than 50 years, we have based our operations in the small city of Almansa in the east of Spain, where the production of handcrafted footwear is a way of life. Every facet of our business, including design, purchasing, production and distribution, is overseen by a family member. As a result. MAGNANNI consistently designs and produces high-quality footwear.

MAGNANNI’s approach is based on three core principles: a commitment to producing handcrafted footwear in an increasingly mechanized world, a rigorous process for selecting quality leathers and materials, and the application of distinctive new designs and hand finishes.

MAGNANNI employs the Bologna construction method, a unique and complex technique that truly creates a glove for your feet. The foot is wrapped in 360 degrees of leather, making each shoe tremendously flexible and comfortable from the moment it is first put on.

The MAGNANNI style is at once both classic and contemporary, drawing on our rich history while introducing innovative designs and finishes.

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