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Ara Mens Val Gore-Tex Double Velco Comfort Sneakers Black 28802-01

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Ara Mens Val Gore-Tex Double Velco Comfort Sneakers Black 28802-01 Image
Ara Mens Val Gore-Tex Double Velco Comfort Sneakers Black 28802-01
Comfort double velco sneakers in soft calfskin, removeable comfort foot bed, 100% waterproof and breatheable Gore-Tex membrane, highly absorbing and flexible 2-component shell sold. Super lightweight Phylon (EVA) and non-slip rubber shock absorber with integrated built-point system.
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About Ara

Ara Mens Shoes from Germany
Ara Mens Shoes from Germany

Ara shoes are created by a production process requiring intensive hand-crafting and up to 130 individual operations. Only carefully selected materials, tested for harmful substances, are employed in their manufacture. The renowned quality of Ara shoes is subject to independent testing and reporting on a regular basis. For Ara it goes without saying that their production takes place at the highest technical level and in conformance with all international environmental standards.

For the developers at ara, the foot is not a part of the anatomy to be measured simply by length and breadth - it's a three-dimensional work of art. Special features, such as a range of widths and flexible materials ensure that the shoe adapts to the foot, not the foot to the shoe. Additionally, specially developed ara functions such as shock absorption and superior breathability deliver tangible benefits in the form of unparalleled comfort and stress-free walking.

Exchangeable Footbed: The exchangeable footbed ensures a perfect feeling of well-being. It has been designed to adapt to the anatomy of your feet from heel to toe, relieving the stress on muscles, bones, joints and ligaments. It may also be easily exchanged and refitted, offering the perfect solution to those who have to wear their own specially designed footbeds.

Ultra Light: The ultra-light styles offer genuine comfort. The lightness of the outsole and the high-tech materials ensure a reduced overall weight. As a result, legs and feet are relieved from strain, alleviating tiredness and pain particularly when travelling.

Soft Gel: Every step is like walking on air: soft-gel cushions integrated into the sole evenly distribute the body weight, relieving the stress exerted on muscles, joints, ligaments and tendons. An added bonus: the special properties are there to stay, because due to the memory function, the high-tech gel returns to its original shape.

Comfort Flex: Comfort Flex shoes offer a dynamic footbed that adapts to the anatomy of your feet from heel to toe. The special design ensures that the stress on muscles, joints, bones and ligaments is relieved when walking. The superior shock-absorbing properties and the perfect flexibility of the shoe will add light and easy comfort to your day.

Comfort Stretch: Comfort Stretch shoes are kind to the foot all the way. They are highly flexible and versatile, offering perfect comfort throughout the day. Owing to the incorporated stretch material, the shoe adjusts to the shape of your foot, especially in the area of the ball of the foot, offering perfect comfort throughout the day.

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