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About the Home Brand

Oasis Footwear has successfully merged fashion sense with high grade materials and advanced foot technologies to produce wellness shoes that stand apart from all others. President and founder, James Lin, D.O., practicing physician, understands the critical function good footwear plays in a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Oasis shoes offer your feet the stability and protection they need without sacrificing fashion or style. The Oasis team of healthcare professionals and footwear experts has joined hands to create a line of shoes that provides relief from the effects of arthritis, diabetes, and other common foot ailments. Oasis footwear and inserts are made by highly skilled shoe craftsmen with fine production details normally seen only in hi-end designer footwear. The material technologies Oasis uses, promote long term foot health in addition to injury prevention. Oasis shoes offer tremdendous comfort right out of the box and they look just as good as they feel.

If you need comfort shoes or boots to improve your standard of living, or you need diabetic shoes or arthritis shoes because of a diagnosed medical issue, Oasis shoes are the answer. Don't suffer any longer with a pair of shoes designed by anyone other than a medical professional.

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