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Zelli Italia – Exotic Fashionable Footwear at Affordable Prices

Warm weather and sunshine means its time to retire the boots for the season and break out the Italian loafers.  Why not dress up your wardrobe with the new styles from Zelli Italia?  Zelli has been making elegant shoes in Italy since the 1990’s, with the Riviera being a fine example of their classic work.  Four new styles, including the Roma, Marco, Antonio, and Giovanni, in ostrich and Teju lizard are sure to turn some heads when they stroll the promenade.  Zelli is known for attractively priced, quality exotic footwear, and these new shoes are every bit of that.


Tom Manzell put the “Zell” in Zelli Shoes when searching for a means to expand the market for exotic leather.  To get the best quality leather for his shoes, Tom tried everything from raising ostriches in Texas, to supporting villages in Africa.  Not to mess with Texas, but… Africa does ostrich better.  And that’s all that really matters when it comes to sourcing the finest quality.  Zelli sources its ostrich directly from farms in southern Africa.  Tom moved on from Zelli Shoes and formed Zelli Handbags, to create fine articles in ostrich and other exotics.  You can find some of his beautiful creations on


Zelli Riviera Woven Shoes


Beside quality, exotic leather, Zelli is also known for its classic, low-vamp style loafers.  This style shows more of the top of the foot than a traditional loafer.  If you like to wear splashy socks, a pair of these loafers will really show them off.  The Riviera, with its tassels and woven calfskin leather, provides either a dressed up or casual warm weather look.  These shoes are fully leather lined and have a super-flex leather sole.  They are available in brown or black and retail for $370 on


Zelli Roma Ostrich Loafers


The Roma, a new Zelli style, resembles a traditional penny loafer in full quill Ostrich, but the apron toe sets it apart. This is a great shoe for when you want to add some Italian flare to your Brooks Brothers blue blazer and khaki look.  Forget the Weejuns.  There is absolutely no reason to wear socks with these loafers.  The tan on your skin is all you need to look great on those long summer evenings.  Go ahead, be cool, put Italian bus tokens in the slot.  A leather lining and leather sole complete the construction.  Retail is $495 on


The Roma, and the following three designs, were brought to fruition by Zelli Italia’s new CEO, Robyn Crowder, her team of designers, artisans, and the comments of adoring fans like you.  Robyn is enjoying the creative freedom provided by Zelli, something which was a scarce commodity in the corporate board rooms of the men’s apparel companies where she spent part of her career.  She continues to ensure top notch customer service for all of the fine Zelli Italia products.


Zelli Marco Ostrich Boots


The Marco, a chukka boot in sueded ostrich, makes a statement with a suit or fits right in with casual wear.  This low boot rises 6 or 7 inches, depending on the size.  If you don’t have a pair of sueded ostrich shoes in your closet, this is a great pair to start with.  These can be worn with shorts and no socks for that sexy, rugged look.  Pair them with natural flannel, and don’t forget to smell the flowers.  Calfskin lining and a sleek Vibram sole allow these boots to go anywhere in style.  Retail is $540 on


Zelli Antonio Ostrich Monk Strap


The Antonio is a monk strap shoe in ostrich, with fine brogue detailing.  The vented opening and Italian style buckle make for distinctive footwear.  Prego!  You’ll be speaking Italian in no time in this new Zelli design.   They naturally want to dress up, but pair them with bright plaid shorts and a solid colored shirt at your next BBQ.  Forget the socks, it’s summer!  The leather lining and Vibram sole ensure comfort.  Retail is $525 on


Zelli Giovanni Lizard


There is no mistaking the Giovanni, from the fine, full brogue wingtip detailing, to the delicate scales of the Teju lizard leather uppers.  This is one classy, dress shoe.  OK, this shoe doesn’t go with shorts, pair these beauties with your classic olive, hounds tooth check sport coat and blue linen slacks.  Teju lizard is very durable, and the scales won’t easily break off.  The calf skin lining and two-tone leather sole complete the unique styling. Coming this summer to for $595.


This line-up of spring shoes is impressive, and just a sample of the many shoe styles that Zelli Italia offers.  Robyn is dedicated to pushing the limits of men’s fashion footwear, and shared that  “our vision is to fuse the comfort and cool of a sneaker with the beauty of the finest leathers and exotic skins”.  Wow!  Perforated python running shoes?  We’ll have to wait and see.


Tom and Robyn both stressed repeatedly that only the highest quality raw materials and production will suffice.  Robyn noted that Zelli Italia uses only “the finest Carli Princess calfskin because it is soft, durable and it can absorb dyes and be burnished to create incredible finishes and depth in color and polish.”  You just don’t get that with ordinary cow leather.  Of course Carli Princess calfskin costs more than regular leather, which just makes Robyn’s job to produce affordable luxury shoes that much more difficult.


Because the quality of exotic leather skins can vary so much, Zelli Italia selects each skin by hand.  Of course CITES is documented from farm to processing to production.  This international treaty prevents poached animals from entering the supply chain and ensures environmental sustainability.


Zelli Italia strives to keep men’s luxury footwear both fashionable and affordable.  Check out for the best prices and latest styles and spruce up your warm weather footwear collection.