What are Wingtip Shoes ?

Mezlan Wingtip Shoes Wingtip shoes are shoes that feature a piece of leather or other material, or simply a seam, on the toe area of a shoe, which is in the shape of the letter 'W'. The ends of the "W" extend to the quarters of the shoes, and resemble wings, hence the name wingtip. Wingtip shoes have become extremely popular and often times also include brogue detailing.   What is a wingtip brogue?
A wingtip brogue is a wingtip shoe that typically features brogue detailing, which includes both punch holes and serrations that occur along the seam of the 'W' on the wingtip. This type of wingtip brogue comes in either the full wingtip brogue style, or the longwing wingtip brogue style. Two other variations of the wingtip brogue are the austerity wingtip which does not actually feature any brogue detailing strangely enough, and the blind brogue which is in essence a plain toe shoe with punch holes in the shape of a 'W'.   View a wide selection of