What are Apron Toe Shoes ?

Caporicci Apron Toe Shoes

Apron toe shoes are shoes which have a piece of material that covers the top of the vamp around the perimeter, almost like an ‘apron’. Typically this material does not extend to the end of the toe, which would make it a moc toe shoe. The material which creates this apron look can be either leather or may just be stitching which creates a seam. One type of shoe that is always an apron toe shoe, is the split toe shoe. This does not mean all apron toe shoes have a split toe feature.


What is the difference between an Apron Toe shoe and a Moc Toe shoe? Sometimes it is hard to distinguish the apron toe shoe from the moc toe shoe. The moc toe shoe features a piece of materials that covers the top of the vamp and extends all the way to the end of the toe, the ‘apron’ of the apron toe shoe does not extend as far.


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