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Product Spotlight – Michael Toschi Golf Shoes

Michael Toschi Golf Shoes - GX Steel Orange


So we all just saw an awesome PGA Championship where Rory McIlroy made a little history. You have to love sports moments like that. Sunday’s are sweeter when someone does something like Rory did yesterday. I especially loved how he hit that one shot into the tree. What are the chances. Well it’s times like these when we see a 23 year old absolutely dominating the professional field, that we all take a moment reassess whether or not we ever want to play golf again. I mean really, why bother? I’m kidding of course. There’s still time to get your game on track and make something of yourself on the course. Lucky for you, we have a piece of equipment that can help you make some serious forward progress. It’s not a new driver, or wedge, or slick sweat proof polo.  We want to introduce you Michael Toschi golf shoes, a shoe so effective and good looking that Michael Jordan owns about 200 pairs. No we did not make that up.


Michael Toschi produces some of the world’s finest Italian men’s shoes with technological features you won’t find in any other designer imported brands. The reason is simple, Toschi worked for some of the most well known athletic shoe manufacturers in the world, and took that experience and applied it to men’s luxury shoe manufacturing. The results have been awesome. Their beautiful collection of men’s dress and casual shoes have taken the USA by storm and customers can’t get enough of their comfortable and trendy styles. With the introduction of their golf shoe line they hit another home run, or should I say perfect 330 yard drive down the center of the fairway.


The signatures of the Michael Toschi golf shoe line are the comfort and balance features, and the undeniable beauty of construction and appearance. All Toschi golf shoes feature their proprietary CONTAC technology, which is a stance stabilizing traction system. The most important part of your swing is your stance, if you get that wrong everything else falls out of place. With CONTAC you have a beautiful stable and neutral standing position to get your swing started right. The shoes also feature the CIS comfort platform system, featured in many of the Toschi dress shoes, which is a carbon fiber insole/outsole system that provides for an extra stable and comfortable base for the foot targeting several key foot areas. Lastly, the golf shoes feature HUSKY, which is a oil and wax impregnated sports performance leather, made to endure the long and vigorous wear of the course. Better balance + better comfort = better swing & better score.


We left the most obvious benefit of the Michal Toschi golf shoe line for last, it’s beautiful looks. These are eye-popping shoes that have beautiful shapes, lines, detailed stitching, and contrast color options on the upper and sole. The shoe pictured above is the GX in Steel & Orange. There’s a confidence emitted when one wears a golf shoe like this that puts just a touch of fear in the competition before you even reach the first hole.


Enjoy the selection of Michael Toschi golf shoes and do something to improve your game, put on a pair of Toschi’s and let the competition melt.


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