Michael Toschi Shoes

Michael Toschi Shoes ‘Performance Luxury’ Has Arrived

Michael Toschi Berta Split Toe SHoes


We could not be more pleased to announce the arrival of the Michael Toschi shoes collection. As you know, we only carry the finest shoe collections from around the world. This particular collection though is set apart from the rest and is the reason we have been anticipating its arrival for quite some time. The Michael Toschi collection does showcase handmade Italian craftsmanship, and the finest leather and materials available, but it also infuses a level of footwear technology into each finished producĀ  that raises it to a level above all other luxury shoe brands on the market. These technological features elevate the Toschi brand to one that can by aptly described as ‘performance luxury’. Too often you have to sacrifice comfort for style, or vice versa, even among your top luxury brands. This is no the case with the Michael Toschi brand.


The first proprietary technological feature of many of the Toschi shoes is the Carbonlite Ionet Suspension System (CIS). This unique system integrates the insole and outsole into the shoe in such a way as to provide a durable walking platform that allows for a very natural and pleasing ground feel. The insole portion of the system provides and stable and anatomically neutral platform, while the outsole contains four special response zones that have been designed to work with the natural walking movement of a man, otherwise known as his ‘gait’. The result of the overall system is a shoe that feels stable, and comfortable, minimizes the impact of walking on your feet, and allows for enjoyable and pleasing wear over a long period of time.


The second technological feature contained in many of the Toschi sport shoes is the NEST 3-D mnidsole. This specially designed midsole creates a beautiful standing platform that supports the foots anatomy and dramatically reduces foot, leg, and back fatigue. The technical construction of this technology has set a new standard in the footwear industry.


Another great feature of the Michael Toschi collection is the wide range of styles and sizes available. When you view our selection you’ll notice the huge array of beautiful dress shoes, casuals, boots, drivers, sandals, slippers and the extremely popular golf shoes. There’s really no base that Toschi has not covered. What’s unique about many of the shoes is the beautiful contrast color stitching and/or contrast color heel. The Berta for example, one of the best selling styles in the collection, features a bright blue sole that grabs your attention while also complementing the classic lines and beauty of this split toe shoe. Most styles are available in size ranges 6-13 or 6-16, so they’ve got almost everyone covered.


Come take a look at our Michael Toschi shoes and let us know what you think of ‘performance luxury’.