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They’re here, and you’re going to love them. The Bruno Magli men’s shoe collection is on point when it comes to luxury style and quality. This is one of the oldest and finest Italian shoe brands, not to mention one of the most highly sought after.


To give you a little summary of what to expect from the collection….Their specialty is loafers, we’re talking extremely comfortable, nappa leather loafers, that your feet will thank you for. A Bruno Magli signature is their wide range of bit loafers, with the stylish bit metal hardware being positioned in unique and strategic areas to give the shoe that modern look, and fresh feel. Take a look at the Renegade and Pilson for some examples. The collection also includes lace up oxfords, drivers, boots, and sandals. All made of the finest Italian materials, all shoes that you can expect to last you many years to come.


Another unique feature of the Bruno Magli men’s line are the double side gore loafers, such as the Infano and Raging. These are two extremely popular styles, one a sneaker, the other a dress shoe. Both feature double gore sides that allow for ease and flexibility when putting the shoe on or taking it off. Both also feature ultra modern styles, with beautiful lines, very sharp indeed. These are the shoes you need if you want something you can wear all day that will match just about anything in your wardrobe.


It’s a vast selection, with a lot of options, but one commonality among them all. These are the best Italy has to offer. You cannot go wrong with Bruno Magli shoes. We’d love to hear from you about the collection, give us your thoughts.