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Oasis Shoes Mens Jackson Comfort Boots Black

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Oasis Shoes Mens Jackson Comfort Boots Black
A boot for all seasons, Jackson features a water-resistant full grain leather upper, leather collar lining, and moisture-wicking Trek-Dry vamp lining.The blucher style allows for an adjustable fit to accommodate all foot types.The midsole features our exclusive Foot Cradle Technology (F.C.T.). A thermoplastic component in the heel stabilizes and supports the foot while a full-length compression-molded EVA midsole cushions the foot.The midfoot is reinforced with a nylon and fiberglass shank that stiffens the midfoot while still allowing for just the right of amount of torsional flexion. Gel shock pads in the forefoot further enhance comfort. The carbon rubber outsole provides excellent grip and durability. This shoe's wide stance and rocker profile reduce the risk of tripping and allow for smooth comfortable strides. The removable footbed has a contoured surface. A foam spacer beneath the footbed can be removed to accommodate orthotics or customization.

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Oasis Comfort Shoes
The Oasis Shoes Difference

Midsole Construction
Many of our shoes have an insole/midsole/outsole assembly featuring six elements working together as a system. Only Oasis offers all these elements together as a system.

• Strobel Construction – Our uppers are stitched to flexible innersoles rather than glued to a flat fiberboard layer. The innersole conforms precisely to Oasis’ anatomical last. The result is a shoe that fits better and has a more flexible forefoot. The flexibility of our innersole allows the foot to enjoy all the benefits of our unique cushioning system. (Only our X-tender models do not feature Strobel construction)

• Extra Forefoot Cushioning – In our men’s shoes with F.C.T. the strobel innersole covers a layer of shock-attenuating polymer gel. It is easy to provide shock absorption in the heel where the thicker midsole gives us more to work with, but in the thinner forefoot only Oasis offers this type of protection.

• Full-Length Shock-Absorbing Midsole – All our shoes have full-length compression-molded EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) or EPR (ethylene propylene rubber) midsoles. This provides cushioning for the entire foot. Some companies offer rubber “cup soles” which provide little or no cushioning.

• Foot Cradle Technology (FCT) – A thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) heel cup compliments the flexibility of our shoe’s forefoot by supporting and stabilizing the rear foot. Most of our men’s styles have F.C.T.

• Nylon Composite Shank – Composite shanks are state-of-the-art. Unlike steel shanks, composite shanks are molded together with the midsole. This means they are always positioned correctly, there are no sharp edges, protrusions, or uneven surfaces, and their shape varies according to shoe size (not “one size fits all”). The composite shank stiffens the midfoot but has been engineered to still allow for just the right amount of torsional flex. Steel shanks do not do this. Composite shanks also add less weight than steel shanks. All these characteristics combine to create a more comfortable walking shoe. All our extra-depth shoes and slippers have composite shanks.

• Abrasion-Resistant Outsole – The outsoles of our men’s extra-depth shoes are made of abrasion-resistant synthetic rubber. It provides excellent durability and grip on all surfaces. It has slightly flared sides to help stabilize the foot. A rounded heel strike area combined with extra “toe spring” creates a “rocker” effect which allows the foot to gently roll through the gait cycle. The entire perimeter of our outsole has a radiused edge making it more difficult to “catch an edge” thereby reducing the chance of tripping or stumbling.

. Better Upper Materials
Our uppers combine materials normally found only in the finest dress shoes with hi-tech materials borrowed from hi-performance athletic and outdoor shoes.

• Full Grain Leather – We use genuine full grain leather*. Many of our competitors use “corrected” full grain leather, which means the leather has been coated or painted to cover up flaws and blemishes. Brands using corrected leathers never mention their “corrected” aspect. Some competitors use inferior split leathers that have a plastic coating to simulate genuine full grain. Some brands combine various grades of leather and/or synthetic leather on the same shoe. We use only full grain on the entire upper exterior. That means our uppers will stay looking and performing like new longer than our competitors’ will. Our leather will not crack or peel like inferior grades will. Do not be fooled by brands offering leather uppers with heavy embosses designed to disguise their inferiority. *The Hankin and Leela Suede styles have uppers made of split suede.

• Pigskin Linings – Pigskin is very strong but soft and elastic. This makes it the ideal material to line the cushioned collar of our shoes. Many other brands use synthetic or textile linings to save cost. These cheaper materials do not perform as well as genuine pigskin. Most Oasis styles have pigskin collar linings.

• Trek-Dry® Vamp Linings – The blue fabric inside most Oasis shoes is made with Trek Dry®, an innovative fiber with a natural anti-microbial property. The ceramic element of the fabric naturally enhances the rate of moisture dispersion when activated by body heat.

• Injection-Molded Counters – The semi-rigid piece inside the heel of our uppers is made of TPU injection-molded to fit our last precisely. Some companies use counters cut from plastic sheets or fiberboard that is then formed to the last using either heat or “activating” chemicals. Unlike those inferior methods, injection-molded counters fit precisely, are neither too hard nor too soft, do not have wrinkles to irritate the foot, and are extremely durable.

• Reinforced Toe Box – The toe box on Oasis shoes is reinforced with a stiffener that protects the toes without creating a bulky “steel toe look”. The edges of this stiffener are tapered to avoid creating any irritation points.

Attention to Details
Oasis shoes are made by skilled craftsmen with details normally found only in hi-end fashion footwear.

• The edges of our leather pieces are skived and folded for a more refined look.

• Our upper patterns are designed to have as few internal seams as possible. The few seams found inside our shoes have been carefully finished to minimize their potential to cause irritation. Just feel the interior of our shoes—they are soft and smooth.

• Our shoes have been styled to look as good as they feel—not to look orthopedic. Attention has been paid to every detail from the way our shoes are proportioned, creating a sleek look uncommon in extra-depth shoes, to the selection of hi-end finishes and the way our logo is subtly embossed.

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