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Nettleton Barrington Goodyear Welted Tassel Loafers Black

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Nettleton Barrington Goodyear Welted Tassel Loafers Black

Stunning one piece leather gives beautiful lines and consistency to these classic and timeless Goodyear Welted calfskin tassel loafers. Full leather lining for comfort, and leather sole with stacked heel. Nettleton patented the word "loafer" in the 1930's and this style like the Savannah, encompasses that original loafers attractiveness and versatility. Available in Rosso Brick, Black, and Tan Suede. Handmade in Belgium. This is a limited time Spring Sale, good only while limited quantity lasts.

Nettleton Shoes
Nettleton Shoes

The rich history of the Nettleton brand goes back to 1879 in Syracuse, NY where the brand has its roots. With their motto “shoes of Worth”, Nettleton has made exactly that for both the elite and most prestigious individuals in America, while also serving the working man with an eye for shoes of luxury and durability. They introduced the first “loafers” into the USA marketplace and continue to produce the timeless and elegant styles that have modern sensibilities and impressive durability. The signature of the Nettleton brand is their Goodyear Welt constructed footwear which allows owners to wear their Nettletons for many many years. Nettleton stands above most brands in the marketplace, due to their command and demand of high quality, solid construction, and artistic and yet classic styles with beautiful finishes. There’s a place in every respectable man’s wardrobe for a Nettleton, they are becoming a major presence in the top end luxury shoe marketplace, with the likes of John Lobb, and other top tier brands. Nettleton offers a “personal pair” service where customers can choose their shoe style, leather and color from any of the many options their factory works with, and build a shoe that is unique to that customer. The Nettleton factory works with shell cordovan, which is a very high demand, low supply, leather that is a stunning material on any of their shoes.

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Review by  WL/Atlanta Ga.
(posted on Apr 24, 2017)
Nelleton has been making sharp well made shoe for a long time I bought my first pair back in the 60's, I had a pair simular to the Barrington,the only difference was they had an elastic side band,sharp shoe.
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