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Money Clips


Mens Leather Money Clips

Enjoy our selection of money clips. We pride ourselves in offering imported leather goods and accessories made from only the finest materials, that will look great, and last.

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About Money Clips

Here's a scenario for you. You are at the biggest lunch meeting of your life and you're decked out in your best suit, your Michael Toschi dress shoes, and a beautiful Vitaliano Pancaldi tie. You gave a killer presentation and you're sure you have the client in the palm of your hand. The check comes and you insist on paying, and surprisingly no one objects. You reach into your pocket to pull out a few c-notes but can't seem to find locate your wad of cash. You always keep a wad of cash in your pocket for moments just like this, when paying with a credit card just doesn't send the right message. You realize in this moment that you actually didn't even bring your credit card. Now you have to make up a store about going to the bathroom and run to an ATM across the street. This is humiliating, and this is your life without a proper money clip.

Don't be the guy running to an ATM across the street when your'e trying to impress your biggest potential client. Take your career and your future into your hands and invest in a handmade exotic money clip and end all future anxiety about this issue. Wallets are for people who want to carry their money, money clips are for those who want to their cash flow a centerpiece of discussion. Clip your money, close the deal, do it all again tomorrow.