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Locman Mens Stealth Watch Blue 200BLKVL

Product ID: 1781
Locman Mens Stealth Watch Blue 200BLKVL Image
Locman Mens Stealth Watch Blue 200BLKVL
All Locman watches come with a 1 year manufacturers warranty.

Technical Specifications:
Collection:  STEALTH
Dial color:  DARK BLUE
Case size:  43 X 8.5 MM
Case material:  STEEL AND TITANIUM
Lug distance size:  23
Movement:  GMT QUARTZ
Strap color:  DARK BLUE
Strap material:  RUBBER
Karats:  0
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About Locman Italy

Locman Stealth Collection
The Locman Stealth Collection
It’s a modern-day icon: avant-garde, ultra-light, quintessential. It’s name is STEALTH, the new watch by Locman Italy, the Elba island-based watch brand that scores consistent hits with its innovative watches made from cutting-edge materials and designed with an unmistakable style that is always a step ahead of trends and fashions.

The Locman design group and R&D department have been working on this new watch for a long time, fuelled by the passion dedication of those aware of working on a genuinely novel project able to meet the demands of the most demanding clients.

The design of the STEALTH is elegant and refined, playing on the classic encounter between curves and straight lines to create a multi-layered effect. The rigorous aesthetic of the STEALTH is matched by the use of high-tech materials and finishes characteristic of the LOCMAN world, such as carbon fibre for the dial and satin-brushed steel for the case. Locman has made the parts in contact with the skin from completely non-allergenic materials: titanium (widely used in medical contexts due to its complete biocompatibility) for the case-back and rubber for the strap.

This blend of innovation and tradition comes naturally Locman, which has always produced watches in harmony with the strictest ‘Made in Italy’ regulations, driven by a concern for the quality of the products, as well as for its customers’ health and satisfaction.

The price matches the philosophy behind the watch and is revolutionising market patterns. STEALTH is a watch featuring top-notch technical characteristics and irresistible price positioning affordable to everybody.

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