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Lloyd Saphir Antiqued Lace Up Boots Saddle

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Lloyd Saphir Antiqued Lace Up Boots Saddle Image
Lloyd Saphir Antiqued Lace Up Boots Saddle
Fine antiqued lace up boots, featuring three eyelet design, and rubber sole. Made in Germany
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About Lloyd

Lloyd Mens Shoes
Lloyd Mens Shoes from Germany

Since 1888, LLOYD has been perfecting the manufacture of both men’s and women’s premium shoes from their various locations in Germany. The LLOYD brand is unique in it’s combination of quality, fit, and design, and their shoes are unmistakable, as a result of their trademark red stripe that runs along the length of the heel of each of their shoe masterpieces. LLOYD produces around 6,300 pairs of shoes daily through manufacturing facilities within and outside their German factories. The LLOYD brand is showcased at approximately 60 mono-brand LLOYD stores across the globe, including 20 in Germany alone. The LLOYD brand name is now synonymous with quality and craftsmanship and their wide range of offerings including dress and casual shoes and boots gives their customers all the selection they need to find the perfect footwear.

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