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How to Pay With Paypal's BillMeLater™

Paypal's BillMeLater™ payment option gives customers a credit line with Paypal that allows them to make purchases now, and pay later. It is not necessary to have a Paypal account to pay with BillMeLater™. Get details on how BillMeLater™ works and no interest promotions here.

To use BillMeLater™ to make purchases on, simply follow the steps below:

Step 1. Add an item to your shopping cart

Paypal BillMeLater Step 1

Step 2. From your shopping cart, proceed to Checkout

Paypal BillMeLater Step 2

Step 3. Enter your billing and shipping details

Paypal BillMeLater Step 3

Step 4. Select Paypal / BillMeLater™ as your payment method as indicated below

Paypal BillMeLater Step 4

Step 5. Confirm Your Order (you are not charged at this time)

Paypal BillMeLater Step 5

Step 6. On our secure Paypal payment page, log into your existing Paypal account, or if you do not have a Paypal account, click "Don't have a Paypal Account"

Paypal BillMeLater Step 6

Step 7. Select BillMeLater™ and click "Sign Up & Continue". If you already have a BillMeLater™ account, simply select it as your desired payment method and continue.

Paypal BillMeLater Step 7

Step 8. BillMeLater™ will then ask you for some information that they will use to determine if you are credit approved for a BillMeLater™ account. Please note all decisions regarding credit approval come from BillMeLater™ and not Please contact them regarding any questions you may have on credit approval.

Step 9. You will then reach our order confirmation page which will show your order details and order confirmation number. You will receive an email with your order details shortly.

BillMeLater Step 9

Some notes on Paypal's BillMeLater™ :
a. BillMeLater™ accounts are subject to approval.
b. Paypal will do a quick credit check on you before authorizing your BillMeLater account™
c. Be sure you fully understand the BillMeLater™ terms and conditions and interest rates as you would before opening any credit line or credit card account.