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Belvedere Exotic Shoes

For fine exotic shoes made from a wide array of quality leathers, Belvedere shoes is a must-see collection.Their unique and fresh styles, adress both your dress and casual shoe needs. Get the most attention in the room when you wear Belvedere.

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About the Belvedere Shoes Brand

Belvedere shoes represent the best in luxury exotic shoe manufacturing and offers customers beautiful footwear and a great value. Their Italian inspired designs cover the entire spectrum of classic and timeless stylings to more edgy and trendy creations. Utilizing the finest exotic leathers including crocodile, caiman, ostrich, lizard, and eel, Belvedere has quite successfully married the boldness of exotic materials with the sensibilities of the ?every day? man. The collection boasts a wide range of styles, from standard lace ups, to tassel loafers, to wing tips, boots, and sneakers. There is a perfect Belvedere shoe for the office, for the night out, and for just relaxing. Among the most highly regarded exotic shoe makers, Belvedere stands out as a brand that offers extremely unique creations that are priced to give men a value unsurpassed in the footwear marketplace.

Comparing favorably to other mens exotic shoe makers, such as Zelli and Alan Payne shoes, Belvedere is a collection that the discerning exotic shoe connoisseur must consider.

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Top Ten Belvedere Shoe Styles
  • Italo - Stunning genuine crocodile and caiman combination moc toe slip on loafers with a metal bit that makes this shoe pop. A very popular selection for many Belvedere lovers.
  • Dino - Very classy and understated combination smooth calfskin lace up oxford with genuine ostrich leg top and side trim. A versatile shoe that can be worn with your best suits, to the office, etc. The finish on this style is quite impressive.
  • Zeno - Indicative of the Belvedere collection, this bold hornback lace up stands out in any crowd with it's bold hornback vamp and square toe sole. This is not a shoe for the tame.
  • Pergola - Beautifully mixing suede leather with genuine crocodile in a wing tip design, the Pergola is a very versatile shoe, that is just bold enough but not too much so. It has been a key component of Belvedere's line for several years now, and comes in a number of beautiful different colors.
  • Bari - As they do so well Belvedere combines genuine caiman and ostrich in this slip on tassel loafer, to accent a beautifully classic and classic look. The Bari is a timeless shoe in it's construction and lines, and can cross over from the board room to a night on the town.
  • Chapo - Sharp indeed, the genuine hornback leather and bicycle toe constructiono of the Chapo, along with it's gloss finish make it a shoe that will stand out in your wardrobe and a 'go to' for events and special occasions. Bold enough to set a room on fire, but not too bold to offend, the Chapo is what classy exotic footwear is all about.
  • Onesto II - Combining ostrich quill leather with a crocodile cap toe, this oxford has beautiful lines and class to go with it.
  • Milan - A shoe like this you cannot find just anywhere. Mixing genuine eel with stingray on the vamp, the contrast colors and texturs on this derby style lace up will turn heads. Really a masterful mix of both exotic skins and color tones. Available in several colors.
  • Stella - An all time favorite, and part of the foundation of the Belvedere collection, the genuine eel lace up oxford with the hand burnished finish and black toe area. Stunningly beautiful shoe, stunning finish, there's a reason why this style has been so popular for so long.
  • Susa - Another core style in the collection, the Susa mixes genuine crocodile and ostrich in a very classic derby style lace up with leather sole. Definitely a shoe for many occasions, and one you'll be pulling out of the closet often.